All The Details: FAQ


Q. My dog isn't well trained/is timid/can't be off the leash! Is this a problem? 

A. Not at all! While a well trained dog is certainly helpful, it's by no means necessary and we will work together with your pet to capture their personailty as it is!  

I have experience with all different attitudes and personalities and we will take our time to bring the best out of your pet. 

The images that resonate most are usually the silly outtakes, as it's this personality that you know and love best! 

Q. Where is the session held? 

A. Either in my studio, or a location of your choice. We can discuss before the session what sort of 'look' you would like for your finished images, and take it from there! Travel costs may apply if you are out of my local area. 

Q. I don't want my leash/collar to appear in the images 

A. Actually, retouching is a big part of my job and in most instances the dogs are securely leashed! Safety is always paramount and if it is not possible, practical or safe to let your dog off leash, then I retouch the leashes etc out of the finished image. 

Q. Can I be in the photo with my pet? 

A. Certainly! During every session I offer the opportunity to capture you with your pet. Likewise, if you don't want to be photographed, that's fine too! 

Q. Do you sell gift vouchers? 

A. Gift vouchers are available as long as the gifted amount covers the session fee and the minimum order amount. 

This is because I feel that if it's a gift, the giftee should not be out of pocket after the session and should be free to enjoy the gift in its entirety. 

Q. Are all the images included in the session fee? 

A. The session fee does not include any digital files, prints or products, and these are available for purchase separately within 3 weeks of your session. There is a minimum product order of $150.